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nictuku/dht in the wild

Open-source is magical. When I wrote my distributed hash table library back in 2012, I just wanted to write something cool that made computers talk to each other efficiently at a very large scale. Since publishing it, the library has been used by botnets, has a source code evolution video and was used by someone’s Bachelor thesis in Switzerland. And today I found out that computer scientists from University of British Columbia and University of Bamberg have analyzed the library in a very cool paper to verify that it’s correct!…
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Speed up Bazel builds inside docker containers on OSX

I’ve been using Bazel to developing on a Mac. Occasionally I need to test docker images that are built with the amazing rules_docker. But running anything inside docker on OSX is really painfully slow. And Bazel builds need to read a ton of files, so things can take forever. I don’t think there’s a definitive answer for that other than avoiding the combination of OSX+docker, but I found that helped:…
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How to install VirtualBox on Scaleway's x86_64 servers

Scaleway offers reasonably priced dedicated servers that are now even cheaper than Hetzner’s robo market. I wanted to use them for doing Ansible tests using Vagrant. The problem is you can’t easily install VirtualBox there, and it’s needed for Vagrant to work. Here’s a script that should do most of the work for you: #!/bin/bash # Expects Ubuntu 16.06 (xenial) and kernel 4.x. # Based upon a blog post by Zach at http://zachzimm.…
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